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Adult Probation Division

Paul Hancock, Director of Probation Services
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Michael Latham
Superior Court Judge


Michael P. Roca
Judge Pro Tem

Kay H. Wilkins
Judge Pro Tem


Standard Probation Supervision
Intensive Probation Supervision
Drug Treatment Education Fund
Community Restitution


Seth Slade
Deputy Chief
Adult Probation
245 West 1st South
PO Box 100
St. Johns, AZ 85936
 (928) 337-7571
 (928) 337-2525

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The mission of the Apache County Probation Department is to serve the communities of the county, enhance the work environment through positive interaction, hold offenders accountable, and uphold the integrity of the Court.


  • To conduct complete thorough investigations and provide the Court with accurate, objective information and professional evaluations and recommendations.
  • To assess the behavior of probationers and bring to the Court's attention those offenders who are in serious noncompliance with Court orders.
  • To assess the probationer's needs and develop realistic supervision plans which encourage a lasting behavioral change in the offender.
  • To assist offenders to remain in the community through appropriate intervention and supervision.
  • To continue to research, develop, and implement effect and efficient probation strategies and methods.
  • To secure treatment resources for probationer.
  • To create and maintain an organizational climate conducive to individual growth, creativity, and fulfillment for all people in the department.
Springerville Office
Sanders Office
309 South Mountain Ave #8
PO Box 520
Springerville, AZ 85938
Sanders, AZ 86512
Phone:(928) 333-5569
Phone:(928) 688-2327
FAX:(928) 333-2110
FAX:(928) 688-2808
Field Office
50 West Cleveland
PO Box 100
St. Johns, AZ 85936
(928) 337-7549
(928) 337-7609


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