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Health Start Prenatal Outreach and County
Prenatal Outreach Programs

Baby Sprouts Health Start Programs
323 S Mountain Avenue Suite 104
Springerville, AZ 85938

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Rochelle Hubbell BA, CLC
Program Coordinator
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Phone: (928) 333-2415 Ext. 243
Fax: (928) 333-5876

Our Mission

To develop and implement prevention programs for women and their families that establishes healthy birth outcomes and healthy behaviors.


  • To increase care for high-risk pregnant women;
  • To provide health education to pregnant/postpartum women and their families on topics ranging from preconception care, prenatal care, parenting, breast feeding and well childcare to safety, and other issues;
  • To prevent low birth weight in infants;
  • To ensure that every child is appropriately immunized and has a medical home;
  • To decrease teen pregnancies;
  • To screen for early identification of developmental delays and make appropriate referrals for treatment;
  • Client advocacy and referrals and enrollment assistance into programs as needed.

The Health Start and Prenatal Block Grant programs utilize lay health workers to provide education, support and advocacy services to pregnant/postpartum women and their families. The lay health workers live in and reflect the ethnic, cultural and socioeconomic characteristics of the communities we serve. The program was developed to address health, environmental and stress factors that impact birth outcomes and the development of infants and children. Lay health workers of the program are certified child birth educators and certified lactation consultants.

Women who are enrolled into the prenatal program are provided home-visits or office visits at their convenience. Family advocacy begins at enrollment and continues until the child’s reaches the age of two. Children are screened for early identification of developmental delays. Referrals and assistance to community agencies are only arranged with the permission of the participant. Visits are strictly confidential.

Our program has an excellent book and video library as well as access to computers and internet. Classes provided include to: child birth education, baby care basics, car seat safety, taking care of your child’s teeth, home safety. Classes are tailored to fit the individual needs of our clients and their families.

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