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Main Office Location

Springerville Office
323 S. Mountain Ave.
Springerville, AZ 85938
Phone: (928) 333-6445
Fax: (928) 333-5876

Mary Romero - Coordinator

Tomasa Lozoya - Educator

Doris Fodera - Educator

Irene Sanchez - Educator

About us:

Tobacco use kills more people every year than alcohol abuse, homicide, suicide, illegal drugs, car accidents, fires, and AIDS combined. It is the leading cause of preventable death in the United States and Arizona.

Clearly, tobacco use represents one of the largest threats to public health of our time.

With the passage of Proposition 200 in 1994, which added a tax on tobacco products sold in Arizona , there are resources available to all counties in the state for tobacco education. As a result, the Apache County Tobacco Use Prevention Program (ACTUPP) was formed in 1995 to implement a comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation program in Apache County .

The Apache County Tobacco Use Prevention Program is an ongoing program working to reduce tobacco dependence and second hand smoke exposure among Apache County residents through prevention, education and cessation programs.

Our Mission:

  • The Apache County Tobacco Use and Chronic Disease Prevention Program is dedicated to providing:


  • Multi-session prevention programs at public, alternative, charter and private schools.
  • Youth Groups, and Private Groups/and or clubs. We also offer one-time presentations based on State promoted monthly events including Youth Health Fairs and Teen Maze and STAND program aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle for our youth.

Work sites:

Assistance in writing tobacco use policies

  • Signs and employee educational materials
  • Onsite tobacco cessation services
  • Employee wellness information and CDSMP
  • workshops free of charge to all employees

Community: Health/Wellness outreach through CDSMP/Tomando/Diabetes workshops free of charge and community health fairs aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle for Apache County Residents.

  • Tobacco cessation services to Adults, including low cost nicotine replacement therapy and medication through the ASHline Program
  • Attorney General's Arizona Youth Tobacco Compliance Check Program offering Education to merchants who sell tobacco products
  • Community tobacco prevention and education act ivies and events
  • Training heath care providers and community members to conduct brief cessation interventions with tobacco users

Health Care Community:

Healthcare provider education and materials
Training health care providers and community members to conduct brief cessation interventions with tobacco users using ASHline and Cignal State Programs

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