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This program is a State-funded school-based program targeted toward 2nd grade students and their parents called More Matters.
The objective of this program is to increase complex carbohydrates and fiber-containing foods in the diets of the target audience to an average of five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables (including legumes). This is accomplished through free classroom presentations to students. The presentations are presented by a trained nutritionist and include many visuals and educational materials for the students.

A 4 Lesson Series of Nutrition Education for grades 1st – 3rd
#1) High Five

Students will learn that they need to eat at least 5 servings of fruits & vegetables every day to stay healthy.

A serving is 8 bites. Fruits & vegetables are plants that contain vitamins A, C, and fiber which help decrease the risk of certain diseases like heart disease and cancer.

#2) Fabulous Fiber
Students will learn about their digestive system.

The fiber found in fruits & vegetables lowers the risk of certain diseases

They will learn which foods contain fiber

Students will participate in a hands-on activity to learn which foods are high in fiber

#3) Virtual Produce Tour
Students will participate in a hands-on virtual produce tour of a grocery store making the classroom lessons come alive

Seeing and tasting fruits & vegetables from all over will help students learn more about fruits & vegetables

Students will learn how fruits & vegetables grow

#4) 5 A Day: At home and away
Students will learn how to find healthy snacks at home and away


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