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Building Better Bones: This is a three part classroom program geared towards 5th grade students. Please contact us so that we can come to your school. It's FUN and FREE.

Class one: Bone Up on Calcium: Osteoporosis has been described as a pediatric disease with geriatric outcomes. Students learn that osteoporosis means “porous bones” or “bones full of holes”. Porous bones are brittle bones that can easily fracture. The critical time in which to build bone density (bone mass) is before age 18. Students learn that their
goal for calcium consumption is 130% of the Daily Value and identify foods with calcium from each of the groups in the food guide pyramid. Students will also recognize that they need four servings from the milk group to meet their calcium needs.
Class two: Bones—Move’em or Lose’em: Regular physical activity improves health and a sense of well being. To build and strengthen bones, the activities must be weight bearing or strength training in nature. Weight bearing activities stimulate bone formation and also strengthen muscles. Physical activity also improves strength, balance and coordination, all of which are beneficial. In this lesson, students learn about which activities build and strengthen their bones through four key words: push, pull, pound and pick-up. Students will plan and keep an activity log to evaluate their level of bone building activities.

Class three: “Bone Up on Calcium at Fast Food Restaurants”: In today’s society fast food is a way of life. Fast food can be calcium rich but it also in very high in fat. Very few students in the nine to eleven year age range consume enough calcium to build bone mass while keeping fat consumption low to prevent heart disease and overweight. The percent daily value for calcium is 130%.
The number of fat grams for this age range varies, but it usually ranges from 60-75 grams a day.In this lesson, students are given the opportunity to evaluate their own fat and calcium intake utilizing fast food menu options.
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