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Election Results
Angela Romero - Elections Director
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2008 Year Results
  Official Primary Election Canvass
  Official General Election Results
  Official General Election Canvass
2010 Year Results
  Official Special Election Results
  Official Special Election Canvass
  August 2010 Primary Election Results
  November 2010 General Election Results
  December 2010 Proposition 112
Recount Results
2011 Year Results
  Nov. 2011 Election Results
  June 2011 City of St Johns
Election Results
  June 2011 City of St Johns
Recount Results
2012 Year Results
  2012 General Election Results
  Presidential Preference Results
  March 2012 Special Election Results
  May 2012 Special Elections Results
  2012 Primary Election Results
  2012 General Election Results
2013 Year Results
  City of St. Johns Results - 05/21/13
  City of St Johns Results - 03/12/13

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