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Angela Romero - Elections Director
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Angela Romero,
Election Director


Apache County Elections

P.O. Box 428
St. Johns, AZ 85936
Cell: (928) 321-0007
Phone: (928) 337-7537
Fax: (928) 337-7538

Stephanie Cooper
Executive Assistant
(928) 337-7604



Instructions on how to properly use the accuvote machine. You may vote your ballot by filling in the ovals next to the candidate or issue you wish to vote for. Make sure that you use the marking pen provided when you receive your ballot and fill in the oval completely to insure a readable vote. Once you have voted your ballot, proceed to the large black ballot box and insert your ballot into the machine. As you start to insert the ballot the machine will take the ballot from you. After it scans and tallies your ballot, it will then deposit it into the locked ballot box. If there is a problem with the ballot or a misread occurs, the ballot will be returned to you automatically. As it returns the ballot, a message will be displayed on the screen on top of the ballot box. If this occurs please contact the Inspector for assistance.
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