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Public Fiduciary

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Location Information

Public Fiduciary's Office
75 West Cleveland 2 Floor
St. Johns AZ 85936

Office Hours

Monday thru Thursday
6:30 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M.

Patricia (Pat) Hall
Public Fiduciary

Phone: (928) 337-7627



Apache County Public Fiduciary Office
PO Box 693
St. Johns, AZ 85936


 (928) 337-7627
Cell Phone:
 (928) 245-0019
 (928) 337-4598


Mission Statement:

The Office of the Public Fiduciary was established in 1974 by the Arizona State Legislature.  A.R.S. Section 14-5601(A) requires each county board of supervisors to appoint a public fiduciary, and the cost incurred to conduct this office is charged against county government.

Vision Statement:

The Apache County Public Fiduciary is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people in need of guardianship and alternative protective services.

Department Description:

The Public Fiduciary is the fiduciary of last resort and is referred those cases that no attorney, bank trust department, private fiduciary, family member or any other person or corporation is willing or able to accept.  This results in the Public Fiduciary’s Office having a caseload where there is either no money involved or the circumstances are complex.  The ACPF currently has a staff of 2 and administers approximately 10 guardianships, conservator ships, and decedent estates.

Program Activities:

  • Provide guardianship/conservator ship services as statutorily set forth in the Arizona Revised Statutes for persons whom we have been court-appointed as guardian/conservator.
  • Administration of the indigent burial program
  • Investigations on need for potential guardianship/conservator ship.
  • Administration of decedent estates as statutorily set forth in the Arizona Revised Statutes for those estates on which we have been appointed by the Court.
  • Collaborative effort with outside agencies to prevent and prosecute abuse/financial exploitation of the elderly and/or vulnerable adult.

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