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11-1607. Directory of documents

The county shall publish, or prominently place on the county website, at least annually a directory summarizing the subject matter of all currently applicable ordinances, regulations and substantive policy statements. The county shall keep copies of this directory and all substantive policy statements at one location. The directory, ordinances, regulations, substantive policy statements and any materials incorporated by reference in these documents shall be open to public inspection at the office of the county or the county website.

Community Development Building Ordinance
  Requirements for Building Permits
  Work That Does Not Require A Building Permit
  Building Permit Application
  Climate and Geographic Design
  Submittal Requirements for One/Two Family Dwellings
  Minimum Commercial/Multi-Family Plan Submittal Requirements
  Single-Family-Dwelling Requirement Check Sheet
  Sample Plot Plan Single Family
  Unconventional and Green Building Construction
  Land Land Use and Resource Policy
    Public Land Transfer
  Zoning Ordinances Apache County Zoning Ordinance Amended 6/05/12
  Manufactured Housing
  Planned Unit Development Districts
  Subdivision Ordinance
  Article 6 - Greer Zoning Ordinance
  Article 20 - Master Planned Community Zone
  Article 22 - Adult Oriented Business
  Article 23 - Marijuana Dispensaries
  Article 24 - Single-Family Nightly Rentals
  Article 26 Off-Premises Sign Ordinance
Courts Ordinance# 2001-24 Establishing the Apache County Justice Court Cost Recovery Fund

Ordinance# 2001-25

Establishing the Prosecution Cost Recovery Fund
Fire Outdoor Fire Ordinance
Fire Restrictions Definition
  Fireworks Ordinance
  Resolution #2014-07 Stage 1 Fire Restrictions
San Juan Fire
Emergency Resolutions 2014-08
  Resolution #2014-10 Lifting Emergency Fire Restrictions
Human Resources Policy Manual
Internet Use Internet Use Policy
Pawn Pawn Transactions Ordinance
Predatory Animals Predatory Animal Ordinance
  Predatory Animal Resolution
Public Health Services    
Article 23
Medical Marijuana Regulations
Fee Schedule
Public Accommodations Plan Review
    Permits: Public Accommodations Permit Request
Body Art
Body Art Sanitation Ordinance
Children's Camp Laws and Rules
    Permits: Children's Camp Permit Application
Food Safety Study Guide
    Home Baked and Confectionery Goods
    Food Service Establishment Plan Review Application
    Mobile Food Unit
    Permits: Application for Operating Permit
      Special Event Permit Application
Onsite Wastewater
    Food Establishments
Waste Water
Notice of Intent to Discharge
    Request to Discharge
Instructions for Form 55-40
    Form 55-40 Notice of Intent to Drill, Deepen, Replace or Modify
Roads Exclusive Authority Over Certain Roads, Rights-Of-Way and Routes
  Maintained Roads Inventory
  Proposed Travel Management Plan with Sitgreaves National Forest
Wind Tower Wind Tower Ordinance


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