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Processing Fees
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Apache County Constables

Asheigh J. Clyde
Serving the Chinle Area

Roger S. Curtis
Serving the Round Valley Area

Charli Anderson
Serving the Sanders Area

Breanna Lee
Serving the St. Johns Area

Minimum fees set by state law A.R.S. 11-445 and County ordinance. First six miles included in fee shown; and $2.40 per mile if one-way travel exceeds six miles.

Personal check or money order please

Make payable: “Apache County Constable

Civil summons
Add $24.00 for each additional defendant at same address.

Forcible Detainer Summons
Add $30.00 to serve additional defendant at same address.

Writ of Restitution
Includes posting Notice and Eviction
Writ of Execution
Includes levy, posting notices, and sale.
At sale, add 8%

Writ of Garnishment
Seize wages or bank account
Writ of attachment
Seize property prior per-judgment
Harassment injunction
If Juvenile, add $40.00 to serve parent/guardian. No fee if dating
Supplemental proceeding
Debtor’s exam
Civil Subpoena
Order to witness to testify at trial
Skip Trace
Search records at post office;
utility companies; court
Domestic Violence
No Fee
Criminal Subpoena or summons
No Fee
Revised 9/24/08

Mileage is calculated one way from the Justice Court @ $2.40 per mile. If more than one trip is needed you could be billed up to three trips. The list below shows minimum fees. Please make sure you have a good address and know what time you expect the person to be at home. This information will save on the number of trips that have to be made.

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