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  Ashleigh J. Clyde - Chinle
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  Roger S. Curtis - Round Valley
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Constables duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Execute and return writs of possession or restitution (evictions)
  • Serve orders of protection and orders prohibiting harassment.
  • Summons Jurors.
  • Serve criminal and civil summons and subpoenas
  • Judicial security
  • Levy and return writs of execution (seize property to satisfy judgments)
  • Store personal property levied on.
  • Conduct Constable sales of property levied on to satisfy judgments.
  • Constable returns served summons to Judge

There are four elected Constables in Apache County. Charli Anderson from the Sanders (Puerco) District , Breanna Lee from the St. Johns District, Roger S. Curtis from the Round Valley District and Ashleigh J. Clyde from the Chinle District. Please Click on the links to go to their pages.

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