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Apache County Predator Meeting
February 15, 2013
Alpine Community Center, Alpine Arizona

6:00-6:15 pm - General outline for the evening, with housekeeping remarks by District III Supervisor Barry Weller and A.C. Natural Resource Coordinator Doyel Shamley.
(Introductions of dignitaries if desired, safety issues, restroom locations, notice that the meeting will be recorded, fire exits, courtesy announcements, format for public commentary and slips).

6:15-6:25 pm - Ms. Wink Criegler, Ranching Heritage Alliance, presentation on effects to Health, Safety and Welfare of species introductions to society.

6:25-6:35 pm - Mr. Bass Aja and Mr. Patrick Bray, Arizona Cattlemen's Association - effects to Health, Safety and Welfare of species introduction to the livestock industry and rural Arizona.

6:35-6:45 pm - Mr. Jess Carey, Catron County Predator Interdiction Officer - effects to Health, Safety and Welfare of current species reintroduction in the Southwest.

6:45-6:55 pm - Mr. Luke, Texas Oil and Gas Representative - effects to Health, Safety and Welfare of proposed species management plans to the industries of West Texas.

6:55-7:00 pm - Doyel Shamley - format for calling forward of the public who wishes to comment on Predator issues, etc.

7:00-8:30 pm - Public comments, by those who filled out forms for request to speak, limited to 3 minutes per individual.


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