Mar 052018

March 8, 2018 at 13:11:17 MST

Doyel,       (Supervisor Shamley)

AGFD investigated reports this morning of three wolves feeding on a dead elk in the Chapache housing area in Alpine.  AGFD responded and located a recently killed elk in an open field near several houses.  The wolves had left by the time AGFD had arrived.  At this time, there were no reported interactions between wolves and humans or with dogs in this incident.  The remains of the elk carcass were removed from the area to eliminate the attractant of wolves returning to the area.  Homeowners in the area were contacted by AGFD and advised of their legal ability to harass wolves seen near houses, as well as their legal ability to shoot wolves in the act of attacking livestock or dogs on private land.  The Prime Canyon Pack and Hoodoo Pack both had radio signals in the area.


Paul Greer
Mexican Wolf IFT Leader
Pinetop Region
AZ Game and Fish Department